Hi all, I am new to this forum and desperately in need of some advice. My little boy is 9 months old and has suffered from reflux from birth. He was a baby that over fed for comfort and we had all the typical problems many of you have had. After being on Gaviscon and Infacol for months and months we finally got referred to a pediatrician last month. He prescribed omeprazole and he has been taking 10mg twice a day for 6 days now. The problem I have now is that he appears to have terrible trapped wind during the night.

Once he wakens up it can last for several hours and he is obviously sore. I called NHS24 who said it was it to continue with the infacol but I'm not sure if it's making any difference, also I'm not sure if it's ok to give it with the ompreazole.

If anyone has experienced the same problems I would be very interested to hear if his wind is likely to pass, the wee soul hasn't had a proper nights sleep for what seems like ever !!!!

Hope to hear from you



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Comment by Kate Day de Reyes on June 4, 2010 at 1:22
Mine just started on Omeprazole two days ago, but my baby has had trapped wind forever! At the beginning that's why the doctor thought he was crying. We give him Simethicone drops before feeds. When it's really bad we give him simethicone with antispasmodic medicine combined. That kind of helps a bit.

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