Im currently weaning my 20wk old little silent refluxer! All appears to be going well however he is now cutting his 2nd tooth so it's totally thrown me. He is cmpi and breast fed. He was diagnosed with cmpi at 14wks so I have expelled out of my diet. Up until being weaned he still had mucousy stalls now none is evident. However someone pointed out he could be intolerant to soya. What milk should I use in his food if I can't express enough off???I was given neocate by our paed when I thought bf'ing was going to be too much but decided if rather continue.  Neocate makes him gag when i mix it into his porridge (and me come to that) Also, today has been terrible but I think it's tooth related but how long would a reaction take to show to his food?? I've been constantly checking for a rash , execema flair up, wind or diorreah but none has shown bar his stools have gone green but I've put that down to banana as they soon went orange after 3 days on sweet potato. It's just so confusing!! Especially coupled with his teeth!!! 

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We use calcium supplemented oat milk (Oatly) in food. You could also use coconut, almond or hazelnut milk. None of them are suitable as a breastmilk/formula replacement in under twos, but they are ok in food. Jen x

I add oat milk or boiled water. I thought neocate tasted like gone off milk when I tried it in LO's porridge, so won't do it again, unless I have to :) 
It really does!! It tastes like fish! Yak!!!! 
Thanks a lot. I've read so much on here about babies with food intolerances that I am now terrified Seb has more than just dairy. Paed has advised I come off this site and concentrate on each day at a time and look at face book instead!!!!! What planet are these guys on?? 

The "cross that bridge when you come to it" bit is good advice. For the majority of babies it will be just dairy that's an issue.

Ignore him on the rest though - I think they have no idea how difficult it is living with a refluxer and how much difference having some support makes.

Jen x

You're so right. Seb has a cough and a cold.... Nappy very mucousy this morning after being solids for 2 weeks and not interested in his banana for breakfast. I've read threads on here about feeding tubes etc and it's sent me into a frenzy. Jen, I've been giving him nothing but puréed veg, taking it really slowly, such things as sweet potato, butternut squash, pear and parsnip. He has been weaning for 3 weeks and doing brilliantly and as yet eaten everything I have given him.  If he was intolerant to any of these do you think that I would have seen mucous in the solid stool? He was a little constipated on fri/sat but now is going for a pooh after every feed!!! (in the last 24hours) I'm just so worried. My paed has told me to reduce his ranitidine (he is currently on 1.3mgx2 daily) and up the Domperidone to 3mg x 4 daily. I don't feel ready to stop the ranitidine.
Some of the stories in here are pretty scary but not the majority. On here it's great for the support but you do have to sift through the advice to find what's relevant to your LO using your mothers instincts. Most people come from their own experience, aside from the knowledgeable few, and it's very comforting to know others are going through it, but not all will be relevant. 
My experience is that until I removed the I tolerant foods from mine and LO's diet and gave things some time to settle, it seemed like he was very sensitive. Now things have settled he is actually able to eat more than I at first thought. Hope this will be your experience, it's so hard trying to navigate the reflux/ weaning minefield!
I noticed Jen B you put constipation down as an indicator to intolerance, seb has been constipated on fri/sat then this passed by Sunday and since then the pooh hasn't stopped. As of yesterday lunch time he hasn't been interested in his food and screamed a lot! However we all have a horrid flu like bug (my 3 yr old is coughing like a deamon) and I can just see the top of tooth number 2 making its way up. So much going on for the little thing. I guess the beauty of breast feeding is everything he is being weaned on I'm eating and he hadn't reacted to it in my milk but seeing what you've put I M now wondering if any of the above veggies is causing him to be intolerant. Parsnip being the new food I've introduced this week..... Arghhhhhh!!! So so so so utterly confusing!! I guess the actual answer is, there is no answer! Humph xx
It's really hard isn't it! Ive had to try and categorise the symptoms, into intolerance, reflux, teething and illness. But that's not so easy as loads overlap! 
Yeah, My LO gets constipated when he eats foods he's intolerant too, or if he has banana (which he's not intolerant too). He's only had diarrhoea when he's been poorly or cutting a tooth. We've had all three at the same time for the past few weeks, it's been hard to know what his problem is! 


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