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Hi Girls

Just thought that you should keep an eye on the tv programme on Sky channel 254/255 called Baby Whisperer from TRacey Hogg.  I was a great fan of her for my first born (who did not suffer from reflux!), there is one of her series which is helping a couple who had twins and one of them suffers from silent reflux. 

I just WISH I've seen this programme a year ago when my little Jack (now 1!) was suffering from silent reflux. 

I got into tears as I've realised that we do not  have the support that we need at the time or a special person coming in our house to show us what we do right and wrong.  Although I was a fan of her methods and Jack was my second there were a lot of things which I did naturally to soothe his silent reflux but there was a lot more (now having watched her programme) that I could have done more or better to soothe my little one.


So here you go:

for bottle babies, go and get a variflo bottle which helps the baby to feed slowly (like breastfed babies)

Get a really high wedge  with a belt not the standard 25 degrees

Pat your baby, arms up your shoulders, making the ssshu  noise and no moving around the house/room (this I knew that more moving around used to unsettle more Jack but she proved me even more that it was the right thing to do!) Just a good smooth, gentle patting on his/her back.

Keep your baby upright all the time and even when you change him/her


Try to get hold of this programme as I REALLY TRULY believe that it will give you good tips!




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Hi Cecile, I agree, always found her advice helpful & easy to follow as her methods feels natural to me.
Fortunately had seen that episode years ago but was pleased when they repeated it as my memories not what it used to be!


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