Anyone got any experience of her books? I believe she was on a TV show - Is there a link anywhere?? x

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I've got her book for sale , where are you x
Manchester, does it mention reflux - you found it helpful? x
I didn't like it but I like gina ford , best book for reflux is colic solved ( don't be put off by name ) x
I ordered that one this morning, someone on here told me to get it x
I used Baby Whispered with babe no 1 and found it useful but don't think it had any particular relevance to reflux although she definitely mentions reflux online because I saw something from get when I googled reflux. I wonder if she's updated it. Sensational Baby Sleep plan by Alison Scott Wright is quite good. Her chapter on reflux was a godsend to me. Just to see ally experiences written down in black and White really made me feel much less crazy. I also still keep her view in mind that you can't sleep train a refluxer until the reflux is under control. From a hardline sleep trainer that's quite an admission. X

just to let u know if u have sky it is on this friday all about acid reflux in babies - i think the channel is discovery and home or something like that - havent seen the prgram myself , my cousin told me about it as it was on this week but repeated again friday - so i will def watch it! Here is the link for a sneak preview

Enjoy xx

Joanne, I must be seriously traumatised by everything we've been through because watching that baby's few minutes of discomfort made me so emotional! In terms of Lola's acid attacks he was barely whimpering but it still got me clinging to my baby! I don't have sky so won't see it unfortunately.
can u ask someone to tape it for u?? yes i know i thought that he wasn´t very loud my lo literally screams until she is red in the face and works herself right up xx
Don't think I know anyone with that channel. It would be interesting to see what she says, although sometimes jiggling Lola has been the only way to stop her screaming. We are trying to stop it now though as she has become completely dependent on motion for sleep and its tough on us, getting up at 4am to rock her for hours. It seems to be working, last two nights she has slept in longer before starting to fidget and wanting jiggling. But she wakes up during the night regardless of how she falls asleep so I'm convinced its down to the reflux.
Hi do u know what channel the baby whisper is on and what time? I am trying to find it really want to watch it. Thanks. 
Baby Whisperer program is on Sky Discovery Home & Health channel 254 8.30am or on 255 (+1) 9.30am Harvey & Olly Spence- I think it's the episode. x
Thanks I have now got it on sky plus!!! Hopefully it will b helpful!


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