Hi, we have been on ranitidine and domperidone since Alice was 5 weeks old. She is now 20 weeks. The meds have stopped working and so tomorrow we start on omperazole instead of ranitidine. Does anyone know whether I can keep giving ranitidine for a couple of days alongside the omeprazole so there is not a gap in effectiveness? Also can you take the domperidone and omeprazole at the same time? Also when is the best time to give the omeprazole? Thanks

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Hi there
I would probably keep the ranitidine up for a week. Yip you can take omeprazole and domperidone ( and ranitidine for that matter) all alongside each other but if you meant timing of dosage I keep domperidone and omeprazole an hour apart. Best time for omeprazole is in the morning and before dinner. That's how it works for us (although not to confuse my son has lanzoprazole) an it seems to work. Hope that helps and you see a difference soon. The 4-5 month age seems to be the worstxxx
hi there.i would keep up the ranitidine a week but avoid giving it same time as the omperazole.i give the ppi before fist feed (30mins) then ranitidine twice a day 30mins before lunch then bed
hope it works soon
Hi - we've just done this. I give the omeprazole in the morning then give solids an hour later. My LO is a frequent breastfeeder so difficult to be sure his tummy is empty of milk but it seems to be working nevertheless. He was on 1ml ranitidine 3 times a day, I weaned it down over a week then have done another week of giving just the evening dose as this is his worst time. The last few days I haven't given any and he's been fine. I was told it is ok to give both if they are both needed, and that you shouldn't abruptly stop any medicine to reduce acid or you get a rebound in acid levels. The omeprazole takes several days to kick in properly so I'd change over gradually. Jen x
Thanks for all your advice. Why do the Drs never give us all the info we need! I think I am going to cut the ranitidine down to 2 x a day (she was previously on 1.3ml 4 x a day) and give the omeprazole 2 x a day for the next few days. That will at least give me a few days of practice at getting the omeprazole in to her!


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