Tesco/Sainsbury's Wheat /Gluten/Dairy free 100% oats - warning!

If you haven't seen the recall notice issued last yr  (seems not all Tesco shops are putting the warning on the shelf) pls check the expiry dates as some have been recalled due to having wheat in.

This is the only thing Alice will eat having intollerances to Eggs,wheat,gluten,dairy,rice, soya... to name a few. Our local supermarket often runs out so when we are in we always get 5 or 6 bags at a time just in case. I am so mad - all our bags are from the 'bad' batch, & the warning hasn't been up until this week

Since Dec she has been really pourly, we could just about get her to eat breakfast & then refused everything afterward. She has lost over a kg of weight & still isn't right....but we have been feeding her wheat! poor kid has enough to contend with without us feeding her food we KNOW she can't cope with no wonder she has been sick/refusing food/having stomach cramps :( last thing we thought of was to sto giving her the one food we could get her to take some of

I am off to write to Tesco's as they can have a serious piece of my mind !

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Any idea Verity how long it had been up pls? they had only put the one in the local store up this month yet the recall was issued last Sept!


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