Hi. I was wondering what pain relief u use as my lo reacts to calpol and the lime in disparol so I've been giving quarter paracetmol in water tho
I worry like this he may not get a accurate dose? Plus soon I need to get toothpaste and worry he will react to that too. How have u got on? Any teething gels etc u found ok?my lo has cmpi and mfpi  Thanks.  

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My LO reacted to cal pol and when I've used toothpaste I used Colgate and i suspect this caused a reaction but because I'm weaning I'm unsure if it was that or the food. I just brush his teeth with water at the moment, so will be interested to see if there are suitable toothpastes. Sorry I can't be any help!
Can't help you with the paracetomol as the tablet was my suggestion. I've only recently started using toothpaste with Douglas but I haven't noticed any obvious reaction. It's strawberry flavoured too! But I only use a teeny amount. I use calgel occasionally. No idea really if it's ok because I only use it in desperation. X
My LO got teeth at 3 months so although he's only 5 months I've already been brushing a little while! We use the aqua fresh baby toothpaste with no probs. 

For teething we use Anesol (cant remember how to spell it!) plus Rosemont brand paracetamol, if you use the search function a recent post had lots of other suggestions for children who cant take Calpol . Not yet found a toothpaste that she doesn't react to though! she has reactions to Dairy/soya/wheat/gluten/additives/flavourings to name just a few ....

Hi if your Lo reacts to name brand Calpol try the chemists own brand as usually has less colouring in which some babes react badly to. My boys get hyper on Calpol but are fine on non brand paracetamol suspension.

I was told not to use Nurofen/Ibubrofen as this is not gentle on the stomach. I don't know what Disparol is but if it's aspirin based that's not suitable for children. I would be worried about giving part of adult paracetamol tablet! 

I've not had prob with toothpaste but my toddler isn't cmpi & they hide milk products in strange places!


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