Hi all, I rang my GP (you know, health PROFESSIONAL who I rely upon to help my daughter) to get her stool sample results today and guess what - "unfortunately the lab have said that the sample was sent off in the wrong container and so they did not perform any tests, could I take in another sample"  I am in despair really, if I can't rely on these quacks then what am I supposed to do.  Yesterday I rang for the results and was told that doc needed to see them before I was made aware of them so becasue he was off yesterday I had to ring today.  And now i've been told there were no results to begin with.  Jasmine had a good day but has started screaming again now, it's so high pitched that I am very concerned - hasn't been this bad in a while :-(  It's HOPELESS!!!!!! x

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I know how you feel. My little girl has been taken off Gaviscon and now put on colief colic drops when I was hoping they would prescribe her some milk. So far they haven't stopped the crying, back arching, stomach gurgling while she feeds and I have to go back in a week when no doubt she will come up with some more rubbish. She is 3 and a half months and I really don't think she has colic.

The NHS sucks Iwish I could afford to go private. You could write and complain to the practice manager but the outcome can't be changed but maybe it could stop it happening to someone else. I hope you get it sorted soon.
So they don't think it's reflux then as colief only helps in suspected colic/lactose intolerance where babs can't break down lactose. At 3 and a half months you would expect the colic to be improving anyway as they say by 3-4 months it goes. Are there any other symptoms like hiccups, cough etc. Just go back and say not helped or as Louise said take her to a and e. I wish I could go private too. Mmm I should complain but it's finding the time to write the letter x
Take her up the hospital. Ollie had to be admitted twice before a doctor finally prescribed him Omeprazol and it seems to be working. I agree that the service we have received from the NHS nurses has been awful, I was incorrectly told how to give Ollie the Omeprazol and had to figure it out myself!! I was told to crush the tablet and then realised that you should NEVER crush the tablet as this destroys the active ingredient in it.

Hope you manage to see a doctor soon
Oh god, Em, what a plank your gp is. I had the same thing happen with Nicole when she was about 5 weeks, HV didn't get sample into the lab in time and then took 10 days to let me know that - theyre all muppets. Have you taken Jasmine back to A&E? Was going to ask as well, you said you'd had probs with Gaviscon, I'm starting to think it's whats causing Nicoles trapped wind, it's the only thing we've changed!! Hugs for you xx
Yep, a serious plank! Why are they so useless. God I thought they were just that bad here but it's just the whole NHS has gone to shit! No haven't gone back to a and e to be told i'm the one with the problem. You can probably tell i'm rather angry, think might be my coping mechanism, that or completely lose the plot.
The gaviscon helped in that it stopped Jasmine bringing up her milk but occasionally she still did and that nearly choked her as thick and gloopy. She also got very constipated on it so had to be given lactulose. It did nothing for her pain levels etc so I thought I was just adding to her problems. It could well be causing trapped wind, Jasmine seemed to grunt and strain all the time but doesn't half as much now. How is Nicole doing? Emx
She's crabbit as hell this morning. I haven't put Gaviscon in bottle since 8 last night, the poop she finally did this morning was far too thick, so think I may have caught it in time. She got the hiccups when I was changing her bum this morning and all hell broke loose from there. She cried and kept crying while I was trying to give her a wee bit rice, so ditched that and on the bottle. I really think wind is her problem now. Is there another hospital you could go to when she's having a scream and just walk into A&E? we have two within a thirty mile radius, so just thinking you might have better luck with a different one. I get angry too, I'm getting more and more pissed off as the days go on, did gp give you the correct tub to catch the poop? When I was in hospital they told me the urine sample i gave to the doc was rejected as the hv gave me a u bag to put in her nappy to try to catch the wee but the lab automatically rejects them as theyre not sterile, how do gps and hv's not know this???? xx
Yep Jasmine the same, she's had hiccups which sounded awful, brought up loads of wind, pumped so much I thought she filled her nappy but nothing and now she's all tense, wriggly and letting out short yelps. Oh no, bloody wind, i'm thinking about starting infacol again but probably won't do much.
There is another hospital about 25 miles away but by the time I drive there, even if she's screaming she'll probably have stopped. Oh I don't know, just feel hopeless, her appt is Tuesday.
I am so angry with the NHS, from the treatment I received up hospital, to losing blood samples, wrongly packaging poo samples, being told it's colic, grumpy baby, growth spurts, tongue tie, my poor breastfeeding technique and so on and so on.
They should know this stuff, it's basics isn't it. xx
I've started Gripe water again. When I took Nicole to the docs last week I said the same thing to my mate re the settling in car, she told me to get there early and put nicole in the pram for 10 mins, she hates the pram - but she actually did keep screaming anyway so I didn't have to. I would try and get 10 mins to write a letter and take it in addressed to practice manager at your docs, I'm going to do it too. I hope you're ok Em, I know I was sitting in the back garden in tears again yesterday. I told my hv that I feel like this is ripping me in pieces and she said, I know, let me know how you get on lol lots of help xx
Yeah I think I will too, gripe water seems to help slightly. Yeah I will write a letter cos it's got ridiculous now, they are incompetant fools!
I saw my health visitor last week and said I was hanging on by a very thin thread and she said well you look like you're coping. I said well I don't feel like I am so she suggested I went to doc to get some pills and waved me off :-) It's great, I haven't heard from her since! They always say that don't they, let me know how you get on, call me if you're worried, it's like i'm worried now, thats why i've bloody rang you lol xx
Oh ffs!!! handed a repeat prescription thing in for her milk and meds and they've not left a prescription for the milk!!!! How's Jasmine been so far today? Nicole a bit upset this morning, she hates the pram so I tried puttin pushchair bit on it as 9 year old doing my head in to go to the park. She actually fell asleep in it, think cos she's not flat. She's not been too bad with wind today though, bloody gaviscon. I wonder if there comes a point where they just get used to crying so do it even when they're ok??? xx
You know what, I was thinking that this morning. Jasmine was crying and I thought mmm I don't know if anything is actually wrong so I just cuddled her and she fell asleep until 11am! Thats 11pm-7am then 9am-11am. I have put her on playmat and she's fallen asleep on it. I don't know i've got her today! Got to go out now and don't want to disturb her, she looks so peaceful. Her arms and legs are just sprawled out. Oh the t!*!ts, i'm going to put in request now so hopefully they'll get it done for me. xx
That's brilliant she's having a better day!! I've got to say, touch wood so far Nicole's not been bad either, a bit upset this morning then she was crying and I thought the same thing and she fell asleep too. She didnt have as good a sleep last night tho, she's taken to pooping around 6am and that's her up and grumpy cos she doesn't want to be upxx


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