16 days into dairy free and no signs if improvement yet. He has had a cold, but is getting better now. I'm weaning him  and he's not reacted to butternut squash or pear, but after trying him with avocado last night it's been a bad night and seems very uncomfortable gassy and rubbing his face, which I think is a reaction to the avocado. 
I'm extremely sleep deprived so I know I'm struggling to see things clearly, but I'm wondering if I should cut more than dairy out of my diet, even though the doc said its just cmpi. If he reacts to other foods could it be he's intolerant to more than just cows mill protein? 
Whenever I think we might be onto something, we're not!

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Soya is public enemy no 2. 50% of CMPI babies also react to soya. Next on the list are wheat and eggs. We cut out dairy and soya at the same time and then challenged them seperately and LO reacts to both. We haven't had issues with wheat or eggs. I think if we had that would have been my personal "switch to Neocate" trigger, I couldn't have cut both of those out longterm too.

There are two types of reactions to foods - foods that trigger reflux usually because they are acidic, and foods that trigger intolerances, chiefly because they are the usual allergen suspects, but also can be a long list for any indivdual baby. Have a look at and

The other possibility is that CMPI/intolerances are not an issue at all. We probably get it a bit out of proportion because so many of us with older babies have underlying intolerances (because the babies who don't get better quicker and leave the board). It's only 50% of refluxers that are CMPI, it's entirely possible that yours isn't.

Sorry I can't remember if you had any particular signs suggestive of intolerances?

Thanks for replying, it was the consultant who told us it wasn't reflux, as she thought the reflux was a symptom  of an underlying cause, which she suspected was cmpi.  Hence the dairy free trial, she said it could take a month, but I would have expected some improvement by now, and have been wondering about his reaction to some foods I looked on that intolerance site someone posted and as well as reflux, constipation he has always been red around his bottom. Although he can crawl he tires very easily and looks ill all the time with bags under his eyes (due to lack of sleep I'm sure). He gets so irritable and is very clingy. So I am leaning towards intolerance, just wondering what exactly he's intolerant to?! . 


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