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6 and half month Daughter is struggling with been swapped from Omeperzol medician to Losec MUPS projectile vomiting and unhappy again.


Nights have always been worse time but Omep med settled her through day at least.  Had a little med left so yesterday gave half tablet in morning and med at night and only had to get up 5 times with her, instead of all night.


My question is do your children tend to settle at night once you get the meds right or is it just something they grow out of when reflux goes??


We are looking at paying to go private to see ped as waiting list 3 months but dont know if will be worth it as presume they will only up meds which GP could do??  Do they usually just advise or can you get tummy scan etc..


Lisa x

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When my LO is going through a settled phase and medication working, then yes, for us nights are more settled and has even been known to sleep through. Not at the moment though! 
My LO is 10 months and has never slept for more than two hours at a time and that's a good night! We've just started giving him omeprazole but he's teething now too so don't know if it will help yet with the sleeping, will let you know! 

Do you mean she's been swapped from the omeprazole solution to Losec MUPS? Losec is just a trade name for omeprazole so unless the dose has been altered it should work just the same. Has anything else changed? (teething, a bug, new solids?)

Matthew improved at night once we had meds and diet right, but it took a long time until he slept well.

I think most of us who have paid to see a paed privately have felt it was worthwhile, but I'd strongly advise you to get hold of a copy of Coplic Solved before you go, write a long list of questions you want answers to, and aim to come out of there with a plan. We wrote to the paed before our appointment so he had a list of our concerns and what we wanted from the appointment. If you are paying you want to use the time productively!

Jen x

Thanks Ladies


Hi Jenny


Thanks for that ill get the book.


Yeah swapped from solution to tablets same dose.  She has been weaning for nearly 2 months but no new foods to speak of it just seemed to happen as swapped to tablets.


Seeing GP Tuesday so hopefully get private referal sorted then.


Lisa x


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