Hi, My 7 month old has severe silent reflux, on all the usual Gaviscon, Ranitidine, Domperidone, nutramigen formula and Omeprazole. The problem I have is with the Omeprazole we have been given Losec Mups which is supposed to dissolve and we have had such a nightmare trying to give it to her that I have taken her off it. Basically the syringe got blocked continually, she would scream and fight so much that at least half of it would be spat out and it was seriously stressfull.
After a couple of good weeks she has gone backwards and is a lot worse so think I should put her back on the Omeprazole, question is, Can I put the Losec Mups with her food to give it to her? Also I know that the liquid Omeprazole is supposed to be slightly less effective but can anyone advise whether that's true. I'm thinking that at least I would be able to get the medicine in to her if it was in liquid form.
Any thoughts, opinions greatly appreciated!

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Hi hun
we have used the liquid and losec mups and i found the liquid to be useless i just woulden't bother .
If im going to syringe the losec i find i need to use at least 10ml of water leave it for a few mins give it a good mix then draw it up if you use any less water it does tend to block up the syringe. But i pefer to dissolve the pill in a little water in say an egg cup then add a few spoons of fruit puree and feed him with a spoon.
Sorry im not much help but good luck .
Much love to you and your little one x
No that's really helpful thanks, I'm going to see the Dr today and was considering asking for the liquid but wont bother now. She's good with her food so should be quite easy to give it to her in some fruit like you say, fingers crossed. I really thought that by 7 months she would be so much better but she just seems to switch back and forth the whole time! Thanks for your help honey xxx
hi i give Aaliyah hers in fruit puree too as i was struggliing giving it though a syringe some thing i learned off here is its important to give it at the same time every day and also two hours after the last mik food an hour before the next i give it Aaliyah around 10 10;30 in the morning cause she has her breakfast at around half seven she now eats the full pot of puree so its like a morning snack for her i only mix it in half a pot though in case she isnt to hungary then i offer her the rest after this means its in her system in plenty of time before dinner hope this helps also Aaliyah has been loads better on this medicine was on radnitdine but pead swapped to this six weeks ago and she hasnt been sick once for the first time ever since birth and she hasnt been as mucusy so her chest has been loads better to.x
Hi Kate

My baby daughter, Florence, has finally just come off Losec MUPS which worked very successfully for her from 10 wks old or so. I always gave it to her 1st thing in the morning and left at least 15 mins before giving her any food afterwards. That way it settles in the tum to do its thing. Just like your other resonses I left the tablet to soften in water for a minutes before doing anything, but here's the trick. Yes, every syringe you use will get clogged. What you need to do is buy a bottle of Nurofen for children and with that comes a syringe for dispensing. It is perfect for giving losec! I found it took a week or two for the meds to build up in her system but after that time I did, finally, have a child that wanted to feed - and thankfully recently I've been able to take her off all meds as she seems completely fixed. I hope these days are not far away for you. Take care and good luck! Ros
Hi, I give my little boy Losec Mups and found the best way to give it to him is to dissolve the tablet in about 1ml of water in a small pot and mix in some yoghurt. That way you don't need to use a syringe. I tend leave the tablet in water to absorb the liquid whilst he is eating his main course and by the time its pudding its good to go. Hope this might work for you too x
Hi there, I heard the opposite about Losec- that the suspension was more effective than the Mups. This was the opinion of a specialist in the RVH in Belfast, who dealt with a friend's baby's reflux. Maybe it differs from case to case? My 10 week old has been on the suspension for about two weeks and has recently started to relapse after a fantastic improvement for about a week. Do you think I should go back to the MUPS?
One other problem with the liquid form is it does not last very long and must be kept in the fridge, its a whole load of hassle working out when to order it from chemist etc. My little girl has her omeprazole dissolved in water, which i do in an egg cup, with small rim, and then i get her to drink it. Which was hard work at first, so i use to give her a chocolate button as reward straight after, take the taste away, and after a few weeks of trying this, she then started taking it no problem. If you try to use a syringe you loose msot of the medication in the syringe and its such a fight, What dosage is your son on and how are you advised to dissolve? My daughter is 2 and she is on 20mg mixed in 5 ml of water, i drop the tablet into 5ml of boiled water and let it dissolve,then once cooled,give it a quick fast stir stood near my daugter and then she quickly takes it, best way i have found to do it, meaning she actually takes most of the tablet. hope this helps.
Hi, I realise this conversation is a few months old but I just wanted to say that my 6 month old daughter has been prescribed Losec Mups - I couldn't work out why she hated it so much ..... I just tasted it and it's is horrendously bitter !!!! No wonder they hate it. In France they give babies omeprazole in the form of gastroresistant granules and I found those much easier to administer.


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