Having managed to get a paediatrician to say we need nutramigen, carobel and omeprazole, my Dr first of all couldn't prescribe the day he received the report because he doesn't do a surgery on a Friday, so we have spent £34 over the weekend buying the milk ourselves and now when I've gone into surgery to pick up the prescription, I was made to wait 30 minutes and then was told that the GP won't prescribe it and he wants to see me.  AAARGGGHHH.

Why can he not just do what he has been told to by the paediatrician???  I'm sure its just because he doesn't want the cost of the milk and these drugs coming out of his surgery's budget.  The same GP also refused to put Gaviscon on repeat dispense prescription and instead insisted I come into the surgery every 10 days to get a prescription for more!  I am absolutely fuming.  The one thing my LO hates more than anything at the moment is being put in his car seat and they clearly think I have nothing better to do with my time than be running up and down to the surgery all the time!

Sorry - just wanted to rant!!!

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Rant away Laura - that's bloody ridiculous! Not surprised you are hopping mad. GP can't refuse to prescribe
Just a thought... Was it a private paed appointment? Sometimes GPs can be 'funny' about putting through private prescriptions - they're not 'obliged' to do so. I know Sara B had trouble with this the first time she got a private script but she managed to sort it. I'm sure she will be along shortly to advise xx
Lol... I think the money part DOES play a part in it... Ionia of one mummy on here whose Child's meds cost over £800 a month - but her GP doesn't quibble. Ultimately the 'cost' shouldn't matter if it's making the baby better
Bloody phone! That was "I know of"!
Ditto I hate mine too- in fact i'm pretty much starting to hate the NHS!! Same here today with getting mote ranitadine! 

I had this too, my GP refused to prescribe our neocate without 'having a word' with me first (and reducing me to tears). her word was that she doesn't believe Florence has any issues and wants me off this milk asap. 

Same person who, when omeprazole didn't work for us & I asked for ranitidine just to try, told me that they worked in the same way so there was no point. One's a PPI, the other's not. but, yeah, same thing ..... 

Mine was a private script too. And the GP was a partner in the practice. Go figure ;-)

Am right there with you. We've just found out that the amazing surgery near us has widened it's catchment to include our road, so I think I'm going to switch. Scared there's a risk they'll be even worse though, despite all the good feedback :-/

I sympathize as I had this too. GP gave me the run around for wks. Initially refusing point blank then making it difficult. Took several phone calls from my lovely paed to tell the surgery to do as they were told. Rubbish! 
Let them look after Harry for day without the prescribed milk, I say! I'm sure they'll soon prescribe it!! 

He finally gave it to us but it was a battle.  He started by saying that parents should pay for milk.  I explained that it costs £17.48 a tin from Tesco pharmacy and thats just a 400g tin that lasts 2.5 days.  I also added that the paediatrician said it should be given on prescription due to the cost and because he needs that milk due to a medical condition - being cmpi.  The GP didn't even understand what cmpi was and then asked if Harry has a lactose intolerance!  Surely a GP should know the difference???  He has given us a repeat dispense which will last 5 weeks but tomorrow I'm going to try a different surgery in our town which is bigger and hopefully has a GP who has an interest in paediatrics tomorrow.  I've had enough of the GP and more particularly his stroppy receptionist!

We had the same. My GP prescribed me one tin at a time initially and when he went for his biopsies was still muttering about waiting to see what the results showed because we might not need the milk. Turns out he has severe allergies and his colon was ulcerated. Funnily enough, they've shut up about it since then! I thought about changing GP at one point but heard somebody say that they might not take on expensive patients so I haven't risked it plus, eventually, I feel they at least know his history. Rubbish though to be made to feel like that. X
I have to say our old gp was .. Hmmm naff! Didn't quibble so much over drugs but made us feel awful everytime we went with our little boy.. Saying he didn't need his tube as he was a big strong boy.. (hmmm that is why he was a big strong boy!) 

Anyway I digress.. We moved about 100 yards out of their vicinity and so had to move practice and now I'm glad! They are lovely and very helpful and interested in my son.. My son is complex and does cost the nhs slot of money but they had no issue and a good practice shouldnt be bothered! Recently my son has been prescribed a shed load of drugs and they add them onto repeat straight away :-) the practice manager and receptionists are Angels too and cabt do enough to help and always ask how he is..

I would say don't be afraid to move practices! Best thing we did.. Along with changing our paed! 

Hth ks xx 

Thanks everyone.  I've just done some research and there's a surgery about 100 yards further down the road which has 3 GPs with one taking special interest in paediatrics.  They also do online prescription renewals!  Amazing - our current surgery won't even do them over the phone - you have to go in person!


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