Has anyone ever used one of these on tour babies? Apparently they are great for teething and reflux. I'd try anything at this point!

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I've heard of these there's alot of great reviews on them was going to try Cole with one. Would be interested to know if anyones tried them and where to get them from in the uk.



Hi, I don't know whether it's similar but my little one wears a Baltic Amber necklace to help with teething. Not sure it does anything for her reflux but that's pretty well controlled with the mups. It certainly helps with teething pain though!
Cheryl x
I'd never heard of them until this post, but after reading the reviews I'm going to give them a go! Will let you know how I get on :-) x

I used amber bracelets for teething until zoe worked out how to pull off her socks and remove them. I think they helped, definitely had worse days without them. As for the reflux - if it works let me know. I seem to have tried every other bit of muck and mystery without success!!

Best wishes


My 23 month old has had an amber/hazelwood necklace for a long time now.  We've just bought him a new one as I kept forgetting to take it off when he was in the bath (amber and shampoo or shop don't mix).  i don't know if it's helping but i'm far too scared to take it off to try.  His exzema came back a while ago due to suntan lotion and it seems to have disappeared with the new necklace.  He is clearly teething at the mo but not suffering too badly with it so maybe the amber is helping.  As for the hazelwood and the reflux, not sure to be honest.  Worth a try though, it won't do them any harm
Thanks everyone I think I'm going to order a pure hazelwood one I really will give anything a go at this stage xo

Hi, have been wondering if anyone bought one of these in the end and if they have seen any improvements with reflux as well as teething? I googled them the other day after seeing this post and i am very tempted to try a hazelwood necklace, but a little worried about her wearing a necklace to bed, so not sure whether to just go for an amber anklet but that didn't seem to help with all the other things that hazelwood said it helped with? If that makes sense? Also if you did get one, did you order it online?

Jo x

Very interested to hear too as we tried amber but no difference heard hazelwood completely different where have you found them selling in the uk? xx

Hi Jo, my name is Alison Lee I'm from b.amber. I sell baltic amber teething necklaces. You are better off buying a necklace and at night wrap the necklace around the ankle twice. It's ment to be worn around the neck because that's where the thyroid is. The thyroid has to do with the drooling and the red cheeks. So put it around the neck during the day so it can work on the thyroid. Make sure you get a genuine baltic amber one.


Alison x


Hi I'm stil trying to find a pure hazelwood baby necklace any I've found are all in the USA/Canada although I've found plenty of uk sites selling hazelwood and amber mixed the best one probably is alot of eBay sellers have them too but I think I'd prefer a bigger seller so I know it's authentic! We have an amber necklace and Connor hasn't a clue it's there he sleeps in it and as it's not too long or too tight I don't panic and he has a snuza monitor too.

There is no scientific evidence that any item (necklace, bracelet etc) worn in any way will influence medical symptoms and help in any way.


Please see the warning on homeopathy here also:

Hi, It,s Alison Lee from b.amber again. I have heard of amazing results from mum's using genuine baltic amber teething necklaces. Like- they haven't had to use pain killers since. The drooling and red cheeks have gone within a couple of hours. Eczema has gone. They sleep better in general. They are calmer and happier. The proof is from the mum's who's babies wear them.


Alison Lee x



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