Hi, was just after a bit of advise. 
We have decided to go privatly to see DR Shah. His receptionist has contacted us today to say they only have 2nd March available for half hour appointment. 
It's great to think we can see him but I don't know if I can wait that long! My LO is so unhappy and it's so sad to see him crying all the time. He is 9 weeks old an it's starting to effect me now. I just keep crying.. 
What do you think I should do? I really want to see Dr Shah, but maybe I should see if there is anyone else we can see sooner?? 
The paed at the hospital has prescribed us domperidone. I don't want to put him on it as heard such bad things. He has a poorly tummy as it is I don't want to add to his pain, and was going to wait to see what Dr Shah says but that is over two weeks away!! 
Maybe i should try it invthe meantime?? Oh I just don't know what to do. 
I hate reflux!! 

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I would hang on in there to see shah personally, he is well worth it, you would not spend any less seeing someone else and may not get such good results. I had the discussion with him about domperidone, and he said for most refluxers it is of little value. personally i don''t much like it either having tried it with both of my children, i think it held up my eldests development and it really disagreed with my youngest.
On the other hand what has helped me and still does when it is getting on top of me is st johns wort pills, i would snap up the appointment with him on 2 march because it will go really quickly, then you could end up waiting again till the following week.
He has helped us sooooo much i cannot say enough good things about him. I have hit a lot of dead ends with this bloody reflux job, he has given us hope and light at the end of a long twisty tunnel. Xxx

We are seeing Dr Shah on the 28th so I hope he has managed to get down off the mountain ....... well worth the wait ....hang in there, we have been seeing various paed consultants since out LO was 12 weeks old ... he is now 2. Dr Shah is the first one who has made us feel that we are not going insane and imagining things. Our LO is on a huge concotion of drugs, one being domperidone, Dr Shah has aked us to remove this as he doesn't seem to think it does much good!!!!!


Snap up the appointment and just hang in there, its a long journey you are on but seeing Dr Shah is a definite fast forward button in my opinion having struggled for 2 years LOL xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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