Hello everyone, Iv'e been rather quiet for a while well I've been trying very hard to do as you suggested & that was to be patient !

Well I am so happy to report that today was a 'normal' day in the life of my 11 week old grandson's life, he was just as a healthy happy baby should be, it has been so lovely to see him smiling & last night he slept for the first time undisturbed for 8 hrs !!!! PAIN FREE

It is day 17 of Omeperazole & day 14 of Neocate & we have no  intention of changing this regime for quite some time. We do understand that this could be a great day and tomorrow may not be so good but this just feels like we are moving forward.

So many professionals have made our journey so much more difficultthan it ever needed to be & therefore prolonged Noah's pain and distress which is what I have found so difficult to understand.

I am in no doubt that we would not be here without your knowledge, support & guidance,I read every article you suggested, I bought every book and I think made very sensible informed decisions along with Noah's parents about his care/treatment regime.You took time out to reply to a grandma in distress who was trying to make sense of what was happening to her grandson and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Maybe we have a way to go but it feels like we are much better informed now to move forward on this journey!!!   Thankyou Amanda XXXXXX




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Fantastic news, Amanda. So pleased you feel you are now on the right track. Hope there are many more good days ahead. Jen x
That's great news - happy for your family. Reflux is a roller coaster but I'm sure you'll have lots more good days. Enjoy! X 
It's so lovely to hear a bit of positive news! Thanks so much for sharing Amanda. I hope the improvement continues xxx
Fantastic news!!

Brilliant news. hope good days like these continue for you. We are on a journey of neocate and just this week started Omeperazole so living in hope as well.x Edel

Amazing, Amanda. Hope Noah continues on his upward journey and that you all get to enjoy the happy little man that he should be for much longer. Do keep us posted on how he's getting on. 


So pleased for you all.  Onwards and upwards!

Yay! That brought tears to my eyes. So hope this is the beginning of a better phase for you all. X
Such great news!!!! So nice to see a grandma so understanding and looking to help in anyway they can!!! This will have been such comfort to your family!!! Fingers crossed to many many more good days!! X x 


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