Hi,  have just been lurking recently but now I want some opinions!

We have reduced Dylan's omep from 10mg twice a day to 7.5 twice a day. I haven't seen any obvious signs of reflux, no arching, no milk breath, no sick lol!! BUT he has been very clingy, fussy, and keeps crawling over and like burying his head into my chest. He is trying to stand up at the same time though! Like clutching my arms with his hands, burying his head in my chest and pushing up from his knees to feet - all whilst wailing!!! TOTAlLY at a loss!! He is teething as well which doesn't help, front 2 top gums are bulging. He is waking in the night every couple of hours, which I thought was teething and now I think actually could that be reflux?!  I have no idea how to work out which it is!!! He has a horrific cold as well which also isn't helping!!!!

C x

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It's so hard to find a time when there is nothing else going on to muddy the waters! How long is it since you reduced the dose?

Since teething and a virus are both likely to make the reflux worse I think I'd go back up to your starting dose and try again in a few weeks. We only got off omep successfully by reducing very slowly, so maybe try only reducing one of the doses at a time on your next attempt?

My LO does the same thing. I am putting it down to teething, because he is cutting his top two teeth at the moment and has shown improvements in his reflux by going wheat and dairy free (which has made it easier to distinguish symptoms sometimes). So yes, i would think it is a combination of both teething and increased reflux due to teething. These poor little mites! I give my LO a paracetamol suspension prescribed by the GP that is gentler on his tummy than calpol. This eases the face rubbing, burying and ear pulling that he does. 
I don't know of it's any help but my little ones behaviour gets more toddler like when not well he finds all the things to so that he should not be doing and he gets easily upset clings to me. He follows me round generally unsettled . When feeling well he plays nicely. Two in may. Just gone back on omeprazole and already he is being more loving and calmer temperament . I think this horrible allergy reflux affects them in all sorts of ways .


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