Hi, I'm hoping someone will be abe to offer an opinion on this. My lo is 17 weeks now. She was the perfect baby downing 7oz feeds every four hours until a week ago when she changed completely. She will now only take 3-4 oz before breaking off her feed and screaming until I can calm her off to sleep. She screams every time she is laid down and will only sleep in my arms. She is clearly in pain and has no other symptoms of illness. Can this be reflux starting at this stage? I have a two yr old who had severe silent reflux and is still under the consultant now but with her, the problem started from day one. Can it start later ? Hope someone can help!

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Hi Kate,


Really wouldn't know the answer to this hon but didn't want to read and run...hopefully someone else may be able to help. Poor you - in some ways, hoping for your sake (though not nice) that its an illness brewing that maybe giving her tummy ache and not reflux? As imagine having 2 of them to deal with would not be too easy...though Emma on here knows all about that! Good luck, hope things get better but you know at least you have suport here if not xx

Thanks for your replies, it's good to get another opinion, really helps. Took her to the GP's who was very helpful said it was very likely to be reflux and put her straight on Ranitidine. Will just have to wait and see if it helps now. She's still screaming most of the day but has taken a little more milk today, seems if she's hungry enough she'll force herself to take a bit more. She's quite a chubby baby so not too worried about weight loss. Out of interest did either of you wean early? Have heard it suggested on here but was advised not to with my second dughter who had severe silent reflux. Two refluxers is a nightmare though my two year old still wakes screaming every night and has prob only slept through half a dozen times, not much seep being had here! Thanks again for your replies, Kate xxxx

HI Kate


Can relate to the lack of sleep.  I've got two refluxers to and my 2 year old gets up up to 10 times a night.  Our pead just prescribed her with sleeping meds.  Only the natural stuff metatonin nothing bad.  Might be worth asking for?


Hope the rantidine helps with your other little one x


I had no idea they could prescribe something like that for them. Would be so amazing if she could actually sleep! Am seeing her consulant in a couple of weeks and will speak to him about it. Scarlett wakes several times a night screaming then comes in with us where she carries on having a very disturbed sleep calling out and generally fussing. She looks permanently exhausted and is understandably tired during the day. Sounds like you really have your work cut out though!

Thanks for your reply xxx 

Yeah Hannah is exactly the same. She's so wires all if the time and will not sleep in the day either. Most nights she's up till 10+ as she will not go to bed. I never asked pead for it he suggested it. I never thought they'd give us anything either.


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