Hi there,

I know i must be mad but latly me and DF have been talking about another baby. My first DS was not a refluxer, however my 2nd baby, DD was/ is its only now 22 months on that we are starting to come out the other side and its been a huge amount of stress exsperally in the early weeks/ months. So what are my chances of another silent refluxer?


Thanks Everyone

Danielle xx

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Just been a post on a similar theme, Danielle. Unfortunately there is a genetic link and for some reason the "imprint" is apparently worse with each subsequent child. I am desperately keen to find a mum of a refluxer who has had an unaffected subsequent child... My hubby is adamant we are never going through this again (we are on our second refluxer) but I've always wanted 3. Thus far, I have had no luck. Everyone seems to have proved the 'theory' by having a a worse one each time. So if anyone out there knows of anyone.... Lol
I've heard the same as Sarah and never encountered anyone who has had a refluxer and then been ok with subsequent children but I do know two people who had bad refluxers first time round and 2nd refluxers who were either slightly better than the first or who were managed better so that the outcome was better e.g. they went straight on the right milk and meds without all the delays that ignorance causes. Also know people for whom the second was much worse but just wanted to give a glimmer of hope. X
i am so gald to hear Eleri is improved! I am sure you remember my trials with Zoe, I auve had a second, and he is MUCH worse, but the gentics are terrible in my family and DH's so was probably inevitable. Xxx
hi Sara,
I guess i'm in 50/50 limbo as my first was reflux free but eleri hasnt been! We are still dairy free but fine with soya but she wont drink soya milk or rice milk and we are starting to reduce her meds and see how we get on.
My side of the family seems to be okay but DP has gastric relux as an adult and servire skin problems so does both his parents so its iffy lol.
I hope your little man gets over the worst of it quickly.

Hi Danielle - how's Eleri these days? We're contemplating a no 3 but although my consultant says babies "tend towards the mean" and since no 1 was ok likely no 3 will also be, I also haven't come across anyone for whom a subsequent baby has been unaffected. I think you have to assume that they will be a refluxer and if you are lucky and they are not then that's a massive bonus. On that basis, it is making me waver about a 3rd - can I put my family through all that again, even having seen Matthew come out the other side relatively unscathed? Jen x

Hi Jen xxxxx
I hope matthew is well xxx we are just at a point where we are reducing meds and so far so good. Your right about putting everyone through this again but i also know i dont feel "done" so its 50/50 limbo and just see whats happens although there is a high chance that baby 3 could also be a refluxer also. Your right i think its just a case of expect another refluxer and go from there.
Its a real hard one!!!
I also know someone who has 3 refluxers. Sure she'd tell you it was worth it! X

A wise person said you only regret the children you didn't have. Someone tell me that if I'm ever in the middle of the reflux nightmare again...

Hmmmm I'll just stick with my one!!! Another if my little boy or more likely worse isn't an option.. 

Just to put a lighter note in my sisters second girl was a silent refluxer screamed holy blue murder for months. No intolerance just simple uncomplicated refluxer. 3rd girl was totally fine. Even has a tounge tie that caused zero refluxy problems.
So it can be done. i suspect it depends on why they are refluxing. i know my dd the reflux is a symptom a side effect if you will, where as my niece it was a genuine case of muscle weakness allowing regurgitation.
Kid xxxxx
thanks everyone xxx
I think your right its just luck i guess and we'll not know until we have another!! I think Eleri's reflux was due to cmpi as she was a silent refluxer however we never had any investigative tests done when her reflux was at its worst so im not sure how much muslie weekness there was.
So its wait and see!!


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