Hi, both our sons have had severe reflux and we have felt really unsupported by health visitors and GP's - so we have set up our own survey and want to try to use the results to influence the quality of care given to children with reflux, and to try to encourage more research into causes and treatments of the condition.

We'd be really grateful if you could fill it in please and please pass the link on to any of your friends who have a child with reflux.

Please follow this link:

Maybe together we can make it better for everyone.

Thanks .

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Wow what a great idea, my son had severe reflux but has recently had the nissen fundoplication.
The support in my area was shocking the health visitors were terrible as were the doctors!
My health visitors seemed to have no knowledge on reflux and instead of researching it they just ignored it.
Brilliant idea, I will follow the link now.
All filled in. What a great idea. Keep up the good work :)
Done too, well done for doing this. Its a great start.
This is a good idea, there has been a distinct lack of support in my own local area so I can understand where you are coming from.

I have filled it in.

I have done it too, im lucky my health visitor is very good and has even told me that most drs dont have a clue, which is exactly what happened when I first worked out/diagnosed Josephs reflux and I went my GP who told me the classic line 'he's putting on weight so cant have reflux' I told him the symptoms and about babyrefluxuk and he basically gave in and gave me gaviscon, which I know that most parents of refluxers experience, the ignorance of health professionals, they should be the ones to comfort your child when they are screaming in agony with acid coming up

This is a very good idea, I hope you can get people to take notice! good luck
Just filled in. What a wonderful idea, good luck with the results really hope that something positive can come from it.
filled in survey great idea. my health visistor has been great always out checking on eva but the gp and peadatician no help at all they seem to think even if eva is putting on weight slowly she is still gaining so no problem.
Thank you so much for those of you that have completed our survey so far and for all the encouragement we have received.

We'll be keeping it open for quite a while so if anyone else would like to complete it then we'd really appreciate it.

Thanks again

Suzanne A
What a good idea. I have filled it in.

I thought we'd post again to say that we have some results to our reflux survey that we posted the link to here a while ago.

A big THANK YOU to everyone that filled it in.

As you'll see the results are very interesting and probably confirms some suspicions we all had already.

The results can be found here:

Can you help please?

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