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Aptamil anti reflux

Started by Julie Murphy in General Baby Reflux Aug 9.

HELP!!!! 5 Month old is miserable as am I 1 Reply

Started by Jade McAuley in General Baby Reflux. Last reply by Dorette Goldie Aug 9.


Started by Kelly Richardson in General Baby Reflux Aug 8.

Reflux has gone worse over last few weeks 2 Replies

Started by Vicky Mohring in General Baby Reflux. Last reply by Dawn M Aug 8.

Omprazole, Ranitidine, Neocate, CMPI and startle reflex 9 Replies

Started by Heather Wells in General Baby Reflux. Last reply by Heather Wells Jul 23.

Cranial realignment 2 Replies

Started by Hannah Cranston in General Baby Reflux. Last reply by Hannah Cranston Jul 22.

How do I go about a diary free diet for breastfeeding? 5 Replies

Started by Dawn M in General Baby Reflux. Last reply by emma penman Jul 21.

New here - is this silent reflux? 4 Replies

Started by Cody in General Baby Reflux. Last reply by Kirsty Jul 12.


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What are the symptoms of reflux in babies?

Posted by Admin on September 29, 2007 at 11:00


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Michelle posted a discussion

Am I weaning too soon or could I be using the wrong food?

Hi all ! Firstly I can't believe I have found this forum- amazing!My LO is 5 1/2 months old and has gravies con in every bottle for his reflux. I have just started weaning him and so far have only given him some baby rice mixed with his usual milk, followed then by his bottle. He absolutely loves his first taste of food opening his mouth for the next spoonful and he polishes off his bottle. The problem is that subsequent bottles he has been vomiting again like the early reflux days! He is also…See More
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henrietta haworth posted a discussion

NGT advice, when babies refuse eating because of silent reflux

Hi! My 2 month daughter has been diagnosed with silent reflux and has gone off all her food, refuses the bottle and takes very little breast feeding. So now she is fed with a NGT. Has anyone had experience of how this can slowly stop and normal ways of eating start again? She is on omeprazole which hasn't done anything. I was worried that even if the medicine does work, how do I get her eating normally again? Thanks a lot!See More
Aug 17
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Aug 17
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Aug 13
Dawn M posted a discussion

Anyone else having a hard time getting their lo help from medical team.

My baby is 12 weeks old and at 6 weeks started showing signs of reflux and cmpi. To date she is still on gaviscon even though I've told the doctor her sister had the same problems on a more severe level. I cut diary out of my diet 1 month ago and she's not been 100 percent as some days she's been funny. I've since found out there is dairy in the breaded fish and sauces ive been eating which makes sense. I was told that I've got to cut out diary and soy in my diet for another month (this was…See More
Aug 12
Dorette Goldie replied to Kirsty's discussion Advice on omeprazole, ranitidine & liquid gaviscon together please.
"Hi Kirsty So glad your lo is doing better! Dorette"
Aug 11
Kirsty replied to Kirsty's discussion Advice on omeprazole, ranitidine & liquid gaviscon together please.
"Hi Dorette, Thank you for your reply, since writing the post we've seen a good improvement :) he's not 100% but much better. He was on ranitidine 3x a day and with the liquid gaviscon and carobel in his feed and after 3 weeks of being in…"
Aug 10
Julie Murphy posted a discussion

Aptamil anti reflux

I have a 5 month old daughter and for the last month at least she's been struggling with her feeding. The last few days she has point blank refused to latch onto her bottle at all. My son had severe reflux treated by various prescription meds but thought I'd escaped it with my daughter. I brought a tub of anti reflux milk today just to try and she took her 2pm bottle and 5pm bottle with no problems. Didn't arch her back. Didn't fight. Was lovely!! Anyway since then she's seemed a bit…See More
Aug 9
Dorette Goldie posted a discussion

Antihistamines in pregnancy and reflux in babies

Hi everyoneJust wondering how many other mothers of reflux babies used antihistamines in the first half of pregnancy. Would really appreciate a short note.It may be a complete red herring but if lots of us did it may be worth someone doing a formal research study. Cant find any papers on this so  there is no evidence linking reflux in babies with antihistamine use in pregnancy.Please reply with a yes or a no and if yes how long you took it for and how pregnant you were and what type (or as much…See More
Aug 9
Dorette Goldie replied to Jade McAuley's discussion HELP!!!! 5 Month old is miserable as am I
"Hi Jade It might be worth ruling out food intolerances particularly milk and soya. possibly ask your gp about a hydrolysed or amino acid formula. We had to change gp too.."
Aug 9
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Aug 9
Dorette Goldie replied to Kirsty's discussion Advice on omeprazole, ranitidine & liquid gaviscon together please.
"Hi Kirsty My son has been on ranitidine domperidone gaviscon and omeprazole in various combinations. we are currently on domperidone 4 times a day and omeprazole once a day with ranitidine as a back up if he spits out some of the omeprazole and…"
Aug 9
Kelly Richardson posted a discussion


Hi all. Not posted on here for a long time, my LB is now 10 months old. Had reflux from 6 weeks and diagnosed milk intolerant at 4 mths after back and forth varying degrees of being fobbed off and plenty of a&e trips, stressful times sleepless nights and holes in the wall from me and my now ex partners heads....My question now is does anyone elses baby wheeze???? Is it related to the reflux, milk intolerance or both?The NHS seem to have forgotten about us we shoulda had an appt in May, no…See More
Aug 8
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