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Severe Silent Reflux 6m Post-Surgery

Started by Chloe Langshaw in General Baby Reflux yesterday.

SR and scratching neck

Started by Becky Robinson in General Baby Reflux Jun 18.

Ranitidine by weight

Started by Mal in General Baby Reflux Jun 18.

constant feeding SR

Started by Heather in General Baby Reflux May 18.

Gaviscon and Ranitidine 1 Reply

Started by Amy in General Baby Reflux. Last reply by Paris Apr 27.

Omeprezole effecting sleep 1 Reply

Started by Liz in General Baby Reflux. Last reply by Paris Apr 27.

New here, 10 week old with reflux 4 Replies

Started by Jenny in General Baby Reflux. Last reply by Jenny Apr 12.

At my wit's end 2 Replies

Started by Amy in General Baby Reflux. Last reply by Amy Apr 7.

Is it reflux or something else?

Started by Rose Page in General Baby Reflux Mar 31.

Refusing bottle/milk 10 Replies

Started by Kazo22 in General Baby Reflux. Last reply by Kazo22 Mar 26.


Started by Benn Murray in General Baby Reflux. Last reply by Alex Mar 25.


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12 hours ago
Chloe Langshaw posted a discussion

Severe Silent Reflux 6m Post-Surgery

Hi everyone,I am desperate for any similar experiences/advice/positive stories about the nightmare that is reflux!My son is 6 months old, he was EBM fed for the first 4 months but was always a sicky baby that never ate a lot due to a heart problem (tetralogy of fallot) and genetic condition (22q). He went onto formula at 4 months but the sickness got worse so eventually we settled on SMA Stay Down (with lactoluse regularly as it constipated him). However this seemed to work and he fed well,…See More
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Becky Robinson posted a discussion

SR and scratching neck

My son is almost 8 months old and was diagnosed with SR at 4 weeks old. He was put on ranitidine for a short time and then at 3 months old changed to Omeprazole? We started to notice improvemeets and his sleep also improved.However the last couple of months things seem to have gone backwards particularly at night time. He wakes MANY times during the night and when picked up out of the cot he swallows and then repeatedly scratches his neck. When I mentioned this to our consultant she told me it…See More
Jun 18
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Jun 18
Mal posted a discussion

Ranitidine by weight

Hi all, my baby seems to respond well to ranitidine and gaviscon but in the last week he has put on loads of weight so has started vomiting every feed today. Just wondering what the dosage is per weight? He is 10lbsnow. I'll be going to the doctors on Monday anyway. Just wondering how much
Jun 18
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Jun 16
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Jun 14
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Jun 3
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Jun 2
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May 31
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May 28
Emma posted a discussion

Has anyone been prescribed omeprazole for breathholding attacks?

Hi, new to this so bear with me. One of my twins, now 7 months old, brings up some of his milk/food but he's not bothered by it. He does suffer from breathholding attacks and the consultant at the lgi put it down to reflux and prescribed omeprazole. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? I'm in 2 minds as to whether to give him the meds as he's fine in himself. He's also a happy wheezer and the gp thought the omeprazole would help the wheeze. Tia x
May 20
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May 20
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May 18
Heather posted a discussion

constant feeding SR

Hoping someone can help!My daughter is 9 weeks old, exclusively breastfed and was diagnosed with silent reflux 3 weeks ago. Tried infant gaviscon which was no help and caused constipation so she has been on 0.5mg Ranitidine 3 times a day for the past 2 weeks which seems to have made a slight improvement to her general angriness and gives me 2 or 3 points in the day where she won't cry for 20 mins or so and will happily play. The big problem is her constant feeding. She feeds 20-30 times a day.…See More
May 18
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May 15
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May 8
Kazo22 commented on Jade Stewart-Tribe's blog post 6 Month old silent reflux relapse, wont sleep! HELP!
"Hi hun. Ignore what the doctors think of you, until somebody goes through having a child with reflux, they will never understand.. So stick to your guns and fight for your son. We had very similar to you, with our boy also refusing milk to the…"
May 4
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