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Aptamil reflux milk..??

Started by Katie in General Baby Reflux on Tuesday.

sick on nutramigen milk at every feed is this normal? 1 Reply

Started by Natalie Judd in General Baby Reflux. Last reply by Natalie Judd May 14.

Going private

Started by Charlotte Gordon in General Baby Reflux May 13.

Cranial osteopath any advice? 1 Reply

Started by Angie thomas in General Baby Reflux. Last reply by Caroline May 12.

confused !!! 9 Replies

Started by Natalie Judd in General Baby Reflux. Last reply by Bex May 8.

Is it severe reflux? 9 Replies

Started by Lisa W in General Baby Reflux. Last reply by Caroline May 6.

Toddler's reflux returned after tonsillitis 2 Replies

Started by Bex in General Baby Reflux. Last reply by Bex May 5.

newbie with breastfed near 6 week old 2 Replies

Started by Rebekka in General Baby Reflux. Last reply by Rebekka May 5.

CMA and Devolpment 1 Reply

Started by Garry Sutcliffe in General Baby Reflux. Last reply by Marie May 4.

How much discomfort is too much from silent reflux 2 Replies

Started by Amy in General Baby Reflux. Last reply by Natalie Judd Apr 27.

Anyone with a 1 year old? 19 Replies

Started by Kerry in General Baby Reflux. Last reply by Dorette Goldie Apr 25.

Does anyone have any advice please? 6 Replies

Started by Emma Owen in General Baby Reflux. Last reply by Emma Owen Apr 8.


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What are the symptoms of reflux in babies?

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Katie posted a discussion

Aptamil reflux milk..??

Hi,My little girl is 12 weeks old.After being on aptamil 1 lots of sick, normal seedy yellow nappiesAptamil 1 & gaviscon - no changeAptamil reflux - little improvement, awful smelly pasty to hard pooAptamil reflux & ranitidine (since yesterday) - better sick wise but still constipatedShe is constipated, even the daily 5ml (2, 2.5ml doses am & pm) of lactulose isn't helping.She's also got trapped wind.Would it be worth asking the Drs for a milk thickener like carobel and use that in…See More
Jenny Rawling left a comment for Jenny Rawling
"Hi! Matthew just had his 5th birthday. I haven't been on here for several years. Think there must have been a glitch in the system as I randomly got loads of emails from the site last week, but it prompted a few people to get back in touch,…"
Mannismummy left a comment for Jenny Rawling
"Jenny! Hi!. This page helped a lot at one point hows your lo? My lo is nearly 5! Hes now got a gastrostomy feeding tube in his stomach, allergies, gut dysmotility, asthma, eczema, autism, low iga levels .... list goes on. Also allergic colitis :("
May 16
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Natalie Judd replied to Natalie Judd's discussion sick on nutramigen milk at every feed is this normal?
"I think I was a bit premature in writing this as sickness has calmed down now so think it was just his bodies way of ajusting to new milk, so will see how we get on. x"
May 14
Charlotte Gordon posted a discussion

Going private

Hi, does anyone know of any private paediatricians around the Bournemouth / Salisbury/ Dorchester / Southampton area? Thanks for your helpCharlotteSee More
May 13
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May 13
Natalie Judd posted a discussion

sick on nutramigen milk at every feed is this normal?

We went to see a paediatrician on monday and they prescribed my 10 week old nutramigen lipil stage 1 as his weight gain is poor with his reflux. He is also on ranitidine and omperazole which he has been on for just over a month. I wasnt expecting immediate results from this milk but wasnt expecting him to get worse. From only being a little sick on comfort cow and gate, he has thrown up every feed and is really unsettled, crying most of the day and not sleeping for very long due to being…See More
May 13
Caroline replied to Angie thomas's discussion Cranial osteopath any advice?
"Hi Angie sorry to hear your lo is going through a tough time, I used cranial osteopathy for my lg who had silent reflux and reflux from 2 weeks old. It helped enormously & the nights of her treatment was when she slept best. Normally she would…"
May 12
Angie thomas posted a discussion

Cranial osteopath any advice?

My little one is 4 months old Wednesday and has suffered with reflux since 2 weeks old.... She's on nutramigen, gaviscon and ranitidine..... These have helped but past week she's been back projectile vomiting on at least 2 feeds a day..... She's constantly ramming her fist into her mouth, dribbling and often gagging.... R these reflux symptoms or just teething?. I'm feelin so drained past week as she stirs so much through the night and past 2weeks she's been wakin every hour crying until I give…See More
May 11
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May 9
Bex replied to Natalie Judd's discussion confused !!!
"It may be worth trying a bottle of "ready made" liquid formula, something in the manufacturing process seemed to make the milk more palatable to my refluxing daughter. I remember it always seemed smoother and somehow thicker than the…"
May 8
Bex replied to Em's discussion At wits end - does it ever get any easier???
"I really feel for you. My daughter was exactly how you describe your little girl as behaving (although my daughter was actually not a premie but two weeks overdue) she would cry, arch her back and physically force and hit the bottle away from a very…"
May 8
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May 7
Marie posted a blog post

nutramigen vs neocate lcp

Does anyone have any experience or views about this? My son trialed nutramigen for 2 weeks and was taken off because he all but refused to eat it. It was decided he didn't have CMA based on this but someone had now suggested he might have more success on neocate.
May 7
Natalie Judd replied to Natalie Judd's discussion confused !!!
"Hi Karen yes that really does help. We struggle to get milk down our little boy, he screams for a feed and then only takes 1oz the most he has taken is 2oz. I am going to mention it again as I think its worth a try. I can't carry on like this. X"
May 7
Karen replied to Natalie Judd's discussion confused !!!
"Hi Natalie my little girl (she's now 2) is lactose intolerant but didn't get diagnosed until she was 4 months old as she didn't show all the symptoms she was never sick and always gain weight ok even tho it was a real struggle to get…"
May 7
Zoe Botbol posted a discussion

PLEASE HELP! 6 month old tried everything, on Neocate still sick all day and after milk and food.

Hi all, I'm new to this group so apologies if this has been asked before. My LO is now 6 months and after I stopped BF at 3 months had silent reflux so we moved her onto nanny care Goats milk formula which cured this, she actually drank the milk in no pain.  She has always vomited after a feed even after the breast, she projectiles after each feed and then is constantly sick throughout the day. I tried Nutramigen, Aptimal Pepti, and now weaned her onto Neocate and she is constantly sick it's…See More
May 6
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