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Reflux help! 1 Reply

Started by Lucy in General Baby Reflux. Last reply by Rosa yesterday.

New here - is this silent reflux? 2 Replies

Started by Cody in General Baby Reflux. Last reply by Cody Apr 11.

Second baby with reflux at 3 weeks old 1 Reply

Started by Rachel Bates in General Baby Reflux. Last reply by Rachel Bates Apr 3.

Calcium Sandoz 3 Replies

Started by ann taylor in General Baby Reflux. Last reply by ann taylor Apr 2.

Omeprazole 8 Replies

Started by Dean Remblance in General Baby Reflux. Last reply by Dean Remblance Mar 26.

Hi new on here. Aptamil reflux and ranatadine? 2 Replies

Started by Amber in General Baby Reflux. Last reply by Amber Mar 19.

Silent reflux seems like wrong! 2 Replies

Started by Emma Collins in General Baby Reflux. Last reply by Clare Mar 13.

Help!!! 2 Replies

Started by Lucy in General Baby Reflux. Last reply by Amber Mar 11.


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What are the symptoms of reflux in babies?

Posted by Admin on September 29, 2007 at 11:00


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Rosa replied to Lucy's discussion Reflux help!
"Hi Lucy, we're suffering with very similar problems to you and doc is treating for reflux.We're currently on comfort milk with Gaviscon and we've just started ranitidine. Nothing seems to help with the sickness but I think the…"
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Lucy posted a discussion

Reflux help!

Hi,My daughter has reflux (I think) and has had it since birth. The doctor didn't really check anything when I took her to see them, I said I thought she had reflux and he gave me Gaviscon which doesn't seem to make any difference. I feed her upright (formula) and then need to hold her still on her side into arms to try and stop her from being sick but it can be 3 hours + later and when she sits up she's sick. It's usually watery, sometimes with cottage cheese lumps in it. Does this sound like…See More
Gemma Line posted a discussion

17 month old with silent reflux still not getting much sleep.Please help.

HI everyone,My little girl is 17 months ans has suffered with silent reflux since birth.The first 7 months were horendous until we found the right mediaction that seemed to work (Ranitidine 5ml).She did have gaviscon also for a while as she was being sick too which stopped so we no longer used the gaviscon after 9 months old.From 7 months She slept soundly through the night for approx 10-11 hours a night for 6 months.Then since dec 2013 she has slowly got worse again,I did increase the dose of…See More
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Cody replied to Cody 's discussion New here - is this silent reflux?
"Thanx for ur response! I'm using the size 2 teat for avent (1m+) . I tried the size 3 teat (3m+) but she leaked a lot from the side of her mouth whn she was feeding. And her clothes were covered with milk by the end of the feed. So I thought it…"
Apr 11
Jemma Cornah replied to Cody 's discussion New here - is this silent reflux?
"Hi sweety! Mia has reflux and this happened to her at about 9 weeks. I changed her to the next size teat (2 with tommee tippee) and it had really helped! Xx"
Apr 11
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Apr 10
Laura posted a discussion

Anyone need/ want Neocate Active

Hi All, my little boy has a dairy intolerance as well as reflux. He was on Neicate amino acid formula but we have now managed to wean him onto oat milk, so he doesn't need the Neocate anymore. I have 2 boxes of it left over. It's so expensive that I feel awful taking it back to the pharmacy just to be destroyed. It has a use by date of April 2015 and is the 12 month + formula.If anyone wants this please let me know. All I would ask for is the postage.Laura xSee More
Apr 10
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Apr 8
Cody posted a discussion

New here - is this silent reflux?

Hi, I'm new to this forum. I'm a first time mum, and my baby is 14 weeks.I think she may have silent reflux. She feeds 6 times a day on formula , and use to happily drink 5-6oz.For the past 2 weeks she been really fussy at feeding, after drinking 2-3oz she will start crying, screaming and arching her back. Some of my family members have accused me of force feeding her when she is not hungry?! But she shows all the hunger signs, and surely she can't be full on jus 2oz.I normally jus calm her…See More
Apr 6
Cody is now a member of LittleRefluxers
Apr 6
Rachel Bates replied to Rachel Bates's discussion Second baby with reflux at 3 weeks old
"He's been sick again thought I should say he seems to mainly have this trouble in the afternoon for three hours or more and I now know when it's coming as generally he feeds happily but during these feeds he really fusses a lot and I have…"
Apr 3
Rachel Bates posted a discussion

Second baby with reflux at 3 weeks old

Hello everyone. You all helped me so much with my first little man with severe reflux hoping you can help again.Im not sure if im just panicking because my now 3 and a half year old had such severe silent reflux we had to keep him completly upright for four months before the hospital got his medicine right. He was really really unwell until he was correctly diagnosed at great ormond street when he was two and a half.Anyway new baby alot calmer can mostly go in his bed if he's on his front and…See More
Apr 3
ann taylor replied to ann taylor's discussion Calcium Sandoz
"Hello is anyone aware, that reflux can come back, at five, they think it could be we took her off the milk protien intollerant diet any one else had this "
Apr 2
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Apr 2
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Apr 1
sarahmichelle1987 posted a discussion

Parent support and resources group reflux, allergies and more

This website is a great resources but if anyone wants more direct contact and support please addParent support and resources group reflux, allergies and more group on fb just set up as we have been through hell and back and now want to support others in there journey.. We have found a few helpful people here in north west. Keep fighting guys, it does get better. XSee More
Mar 31
Smcookies commented on Jo's blog post 6 month old with cows milk allergy and severe reflux - desperate mummy and baby
"Hiya, I would ask GP for a referral to a gastro paediatrician if she is still in pain. Also, maybe worth trying a different formula like Neocate. Hope everything settles soon. My daughter has other issues that cause her reflux but she is still on…"
Mar 31
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